ITL is positioned to be the premier regional solutions provider for Integrated Logistics, Aviation Services, Warehousing, Freight Management, and Distribution. By being the leading General Sales Agent of 25+ airlines, owning and operating 400+ trucks, 300,000+ m2 of warehousing, 30+ barges, and 4 ports, ITL plays an essential role in its clients’ businesses and supply chain. ITL is committed to delivering the highest quality service coupled with the highest level of integrity in everything it does.
In addition, ITL is transforming to cater for the future including developing expertise in E-Commerce and shared economies.
ITL endeavors to stay ahead through enabling creative solutions and the development of new services and products to provide customers with unparalleled and innovative yet cost-effective solutions.
ITL’s success is attributed to its employees and measured by the enrichment of the quality of life of its people. ITL continues to fulfill the social and civic responsibilities to the communities its serves.

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