Apply For Membership

Application procedure

   1. Submit the application

Once you have reviewed the information on membership types, please select the appropriate membership application form below:

– To apply for Large Corporate and Small and Medium Corporate membership: Click below to download the application form & Membership profile 

– To apply for Individual Membership: Click below to download the application form. 

Please fill in the Application form and send it back to us through email: 

   2. Waiting for approval and membership fee payment

Your application will be sent to Beluxcham’s Board of Management. Please allow two to three days from the time of submitting your application until it has been approved.  After we get approval from our Board of Management, we will send you the confirmation through email with the information for membership fee payment (Note: Beluxcham cannot issue red invoices but normal receipts with BeLuxcham red stamp)

   3. Welcome to Beluxcham and Eurocham

Once your membership application is approved and dues are paid, you will be notified via email, the original receipt and membership cards will be sent to your address. With the membership cards, you will enjoy the benefits of the EuroCham Discount Partner Program

Offer from Eurocham Discount Partner

We look forward to welcoming you as a full member of Beluxcham. Don’t forget that you can contact us at any time for assistance.

Contact Information

Contact information:

    +84 764 224 029