Why to become a member ?



  1. Joining a local business association, through which you will be able to increase the visibility of your company and build relationships.
  2. Access to all activities organized by BeluxCham, which works in association with VCCI, MPI, the Vietnamese Government and any relevant Ministry or Department within Vietnam.
  3. Access to free legal advice for a first request.
  4. Assistance with trade missions in Vietnam.
  5. Assistance with the research of professional business contacts and partners in Vietnam, and access to a contact list of Belgian and Luxembourg business people.
  6. Access to our monthly networking events, networking groups, conferences, luncheons, etc.
  7. Receiving the monthly BeluxCham email newsletter with plenty of useful information.
  8. Access to the online Members Corner in order to exchange with other members, to download documents, and get timely updates of all news and events occurring in Vietnam.
  9. Automatically member of the BLCC Collective in Asia
  10. Automatically be invited to the yearly General Assembly of Beluxcham with voting right (ordinary members).


  1. Access to the « EuroCham White Book », which informs you about trade issues and recommendations to the Vietnamese government.
  2. Free access to the EuroCham yearly Business Directory with all references and business contacts, including a page to introduce your company.
  3. Automatically be invited to all EuroCham events: seminars, workshops, networking happenings, etc.
  4. Automatically receive a free membership card giving advantages and discounts in a number of restaurants, hotels or resorts, clubs, airlines, tour agencies and other shops.
  5. Receiving the weekly EuroCham newsletter and getting access to weekly English news information.

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