BeluxCham ESG Conference 2023 – ESG: Evolving To The Next Level

As both Belgium and Luxembourg celebrate its 50 years of diplomatic relationships with Vietnam, it is an opportunity to put Belgium and Luxembourg and the efforts both countries are doing related to ESG on the map as part of the 50 years celebration. ESG (environment, social, governance) has gained prominence in Vietnam over the past few years and is largely driven by the Vietnamese government’s efforts to promote ESG-related practices. At the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), Vietnam’s prime minister announced a series of climate-action commitments, including net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Belgium and Luxembourg are the beating heart of Europe. This has only become more visual through the European-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) that was signed in 2019 and aims to not only contribute to an increase in trade between Europe and Vietnam but also to contribute to the goals set for ESG in Vietnam.

A multi-sector economic mission to Vietnam, organized by The Wallonia Export & Investment Agency (AWEX), will take place from November 25th till December 2nd. Ms. Pascale Delcomminette, CEO of Wallonia Export & Investment Agency, will lead the economic mission.

Belgian and Luxembourg companies in Vietnam are actively contributing to this goal and through this 2-day conference BeLuxCham, together with the support of the Belgian Embassy in Vietnam and the Luxembourg Embassy in Thailand, wants to show the Vietnamese market how the companies are building up their ESG knowledge and mindset. Through this 2-day conference, BeLuxCham Vietnam aims to show what ESG in all its facets stands for, how the EVFTA enables focus and awareness of ESG in Vietnam, and how companies can learn from each other, from clear examples and case studies and how to start implementing ESG in all its different aspects.

According to the Vietnam ESG Readiness Report 2022, conducted by PwC Vietnam and the Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD), 61% of companies are yet to commit to ESG and cite a lack of knowledge as the key barrier. Therefore, during this 2-day conference, BeLuxCham will focus on introducing ESG, and the EVFTA and give clear examples and case studies on what has been done by both Belgian and Luxembourg companies. Break-out sessions will focus on every aspect of ESG and highlight industries like agriculture, logistics, and transportation and bring speakers from Vietnam and Europe together for information sharing.

At the end of the 2-day conference, we will celebrate 20 years with a gala dinner in which we will award our ESG contributing members. The profit of this gala dinner will be donated to charity to which our members have made their life’s purpose.

Please join us in this event and celebrate, learn and share together with participants from all over the world the anniversaries, and what is still to come to increase growth for the collaboration between our loved countries.

Tickets 2-day pass: 2,500,000

Tickets 1-day pass: 2,000,000

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