In the morning of 17 April 2021, Board Members of BeluxCham including Mr. Bart Verheyen – Chairman, Mrs. Bopha Sem – Vice-Chairwoman in Ho Chi Minh and Mr. Tom Tabouring- Board Member have attended the Grand Opening Ceremony Hi-Tech Poultry Hatchery of one of BeluxCham’s member Bel Gà at Tay Ninh. The factory is part of the supply chain of clean, sustainable, and export-oriented agricultural products belonging to Bel Ga Company, De Heus Group, Hung Nhon Group and strategic Partners.

Bel Gà is a Belgium market leader with more than 80 years of experience in producing premium day-old chicks in Europe.

Established in Vietnam since 2013, Bel Ga currently has 4 hatcheries and 2 incubation factories with a modern self-contained farming process according to GlobalG.A.P standards, providing more than 35 million premium day-old chicks for the Vietnam & Cambodia Market every year.


Belga Tay Ninh poultry incubation factory has a total investment of 200 billion VND, with a total area of ​​15,000 m2 and the design capacity of over 19 million chicks per year in the phase I and will expand the capacity up to 38,4 million chicks per year in the phase II.

The main products of the factory are day-old chicks and day-old layers, of the best quality to meet the demand of famers in Vietnamese and Cambodian markets.

Bel Chicken breeders are sourced from the world’s leading breeding companies, Aviagen and Hendrix Genetics, which are hatched using the most advanced modern European technology. Bel Ga Tay Ninh factory is considered as a unique factory model with the application of many advances in technical innovations of construction design, including facilities for farms and hatcheries which meets the European standards, thanks to the support of leading experts and technicians in the world.

All technologies used in the factory are applied management techniques that uses information technology systems to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the information in the production process, and at the same time investing in modern production machinery and equipment such as:

Embryo-Response Incubation, manufactured by Petersime Belgium, With the OvoScan ™ system the incubator temperature is continuously adjusted according to the actual eggshell temperature.

Co2 concentration management: Accurate maintenance of CO2 levels throughout the incubation cycle has a positive effect on the development of the circulatory system of the embryo.

Energy management produced by Petersime, Belgium. Eco-Drive ™ helps to reduce the energy consumption of the engine pulses during the less critical stages of the incubation process.

Petersime’s pressure control system allows for the regulation of the amount of air circulating in different areas of the incubation plant.

Monitoring and control produced by Petersime, Belgium: Petersime’s Eagle EyeTM surveillance system is a package of software programs that monitors and controls the entire incubation process from a central host computer station: an incubator, room ambient conditions, water temperature, air circulation system parameters etc.

Biostreamer: This series uses Biostreamer Re-Store technology, this new technique in short incubation, allowing to maintain a higher incubation rate and better embryo vitality when storing eggs for a long time.

The day-old-chicks products of Bel Ga Tay Ninh will ensure the highest standards according to GlobalG.A.P standards through the management and strict control of biosafety in livestock and the production, quality monitoring of incubation eggs and GP farms with low stocking densities, combined with effective temperature control through modern incubation machines helpful in the creation of an optimal environment to ensure that the best 1-day-old chicks are always produced and traceable throughout the entire production chain.



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