Beluxcham Mekong Delta Bamboo Biking Tours For Charity

On 04-05 June 2022, BeluxCham and Mekong Plus successful organized the Mekong Delta Bamboo Biking Tours for Charity. We had crossed many country roads, enjoyed delicious local food and especially, learned about the local people’s lives in the Mekong Delta.

Each situation is a different story about rural life in the Mekong River Delta and the enduring efforts of Mekong Plus with the goal of no more underprivileged local people. The optimism and warm hospitality of the people here have left many beautiful memories for our members.

With the donation from BeluxCham and our members, 40 children can go to school for another year.

Enjoy our short video about this trip and if you want to have a weekend with Mekong Plus as we did, please feel free to contact them via email:

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