[Promotion for Members] Leader cum Pit stop Facilitator Program

To make “Pit stop” the daily habit of Top Team members, many Top Leaders/ Management Team Members of large corporations requested Global Performance Coach Alain Goudsmet to “transfer the Pit Stop Know-How” for them to grow the Dream Team with result-based mindset & “addicted to progress” spirit. 

Mentally Fit Global has just decided to launch a special program for the Top Leaders/ Management Team Members in Vietnam: Leader cum Pit stop Facilitator

  • Purpose of the program: Develop the Leaders cum Pit Stop Facilitators inside the corporations to grow the Dream Team with result-based mindset & “addicted to progress” spirit
  • Pit Stop, why? To ensure that the Team members are not exhausted of energy due to the non-stop “Active Inertia” of the business world, Leaders cum Pit Stop Facilitators need to decide when to PIT STOP & master the PIT STOP technique to make the most of the pit stop with the team members.
  • Structure of the program
Pit Stop Facilitator program (Please kindly see more details in the attachment named Mentally Fit Pit Stop Facilitator)Head Coach in-charge of the sessionMode of implementationDate & TimeVenue/ Platform
Module 1: Power of Team GlueGlobal Performance Coach Alain GoudsmetOn-site2.00 pm – 5.00 pm, 15/07 (Friday)L’Opera Hotel, 29 Trang Tien, Hanoi
Module 2: Power of Team StretchGlobal Performance Coach Alain GoudsmetOnline2.00 pm – 5.00 pm, 05/08 (Friday)via ZOOM
Module 3: Power of FeedbackGlobal Performance Coach Alain GoudsmetOn-site2.00 pm – 5.00 pm, 18/08 (Thursday)L’Opera Hotel, 29 Trang Tien, Hanoi 
  • Head Coach in charge of this Exclusive program: Global Performance Coach Alain Goudsmet (I have just got the updated info from our colleagues from the Headquarter, Executive Board Assistants, that they could support to successfully re-arrange the schedule of Head Coach Alain. Thus, Head Coach Alain could animate 100% of this Exclusive program for Vietnam market.)
  • Target audience: Exclusive program for Leaders/ Future Leaders only!
    • BOD/ BOM Members 
    • Key successors to the BOD/ BOM Members, especially the next Generation of Leaders of Business Families 
  • Budget: 
    • 972 EUR net (included the 10% subsidy for Viet Nam market in 2022)
    • Proudly the Member of Beluxcham, it is the pleasure of Mentally Fit Global to offer the Members of Beluxcham & Eurocham 5% discount when participating in this Exclusive program.
  • Deadline to register: 07/07/2022 
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