Asian BeLux Chambers Strategic Networking

We warmly invite you to join other business communities from across 14 BeLux Chambers in Asia for a one-of-a-kind Strategic Networking Virtual Event. As a bonus, we will enjoy a session with special guest speaker Gil Petersil.

About the Speaker: Gil Petersil 
Gil is a global thought leader on business strategy, effective networking and mastermind methodology. As a serial entrepreneur, Gil is passionate about empowering conscious entrepreneurs, global leaders, and organizations on how to organically scale their business, create long-lasting win-win partnerships that bring value to their communities and make an impact in the world. He is a master at organizing networks and creating bridges between government, innovation technologies and entrepreneurial sectors.

Date/Time: Tuesday 30 August 2022
Networking Strategy virtual webinar at 01:30 PM Vietnam Time
Interactive workshop from 02:00 PM till 05:00 PM Vietnam Time

01:30 PM – 01:35 PM: Opening and welcome of all the participants
01:35 PM – 02:00 PM: Presentation about Strategic Networking
02:00 PM – 05:00 PM: Interactive workshop (networking segment)

Please send an email to, we will send you a link to a networking tool (Conversation Starter). Conversation Starter is a platform that enables you to schedule meetings with other participants in your area of interest (invite participants and be invited by participants, approve the invitations, etc). You are required to sign up in order to have access to the participant’s list.

During the interactive workshop (from 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM) you will be able to join sessions that you have scheduled and/or been invited to. Please remember that you can choose/approve as many time slots as you wish and can interact with as many participants of your choice as you wish.

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