Topic: Sustainable Agriculture

As an agricultural country with a diverse range of products, Vietnam is rapidly emerging as a key player in global agriculture. However, to ensure long-term prosperity, it is crucial to push Vietnam’s agriculture towards a more sustainable system.

Sustainable agriculture encompasses three fundamental goals: environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. These goals form the foundation for a balanced and resilient agricultural system, often referred to as the “three legs” of the sustainability stool.

This break-out session will focus on finding solutions and exploring case studies that address the challenges posed by the intensive monoculture agricultural system in Vietnam. A prime example is coffee production in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, which has led to deforestation and groundwater depletion. Unfortunately, the benefits of this industry have not been equally distributed among farmers and domestic consumers. Instead, international consumers and major multinational agriculture firms have reaped the majority of the profits, taking advantage of low labor costs and lax environmental regulations.

To achieve sustainable agriculture in Vietnam, fundamental institutional changes are required. This includes addressing labor, social, and environmental issues, as well as emphasizing technology and management innovation. By implementing these changes, we can create a more equitable and environmentally conscious agricultural sector that benefits all stakeholders.

During this panel discussion, we have gathered experts, industry leaders, and practitioners who will share their insights, experiences, and strategies for promoting sustainable agriculture in Vietnam. We will explore innovative approaches, successful case studies, and potential solutions to transform the agricultural landscape.


01.00 – 01.20: Presentation: “SMEs and ESG: A Path to Ethical and Profitable Growth” By Thai Dung Linh, Founder of TDL Solutions

01.20 – 02.00: Case Study – Sustainable Partnership Model in Impactful Business


  • Nguyen Van Cu, Deputy Director of the Disability Research and Capacity Development Center (DRD)
  • Nguyen Trung Hau, Founder of Ngoi Cafe
  • Tran Thi Hang, Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI)

02.00 – 02.30 Coffee Break

02.30 – 03.30: Discussion Panel

  • Location: Red Room, 2nd Floor, Pullman Saigon Hotel
  • Time: 13:00-15:30
  • Date: November 30th, 2023


Diep Thi Kim Hoan, Head of Sustainability and Environment at DeepC Industrial Zones

Diep Thi Kim Hoan – Head of Sustainability and Environment of DEEP C Industrial Zones.
Starting her journey in sustainability by setting up DEEP C Farm project which provides free organic food baskets to low-income workers in DEEP C Industrial Zones and help local farmers to improve their livelihoods with a new non-chemical farming method, Hoan is now in charge of the sustainability initiative projects of DEEP C Industrial Zones, aiming at becoming the first eco-industrial park in Vietnam.


Thai Dung Linh, Founder of TDL Solutions

Thai Dung Linh, founder of TDL Solutions and Vice Chairman of Tin Duc Cooperative, is an entrepreneur and architect with a sustainable vision. With extensive experience from the corporate sector to organic agriculture, he sets the goal of understanding, accompanying, and spreading positive ideas.

Thai Dung Linh not only achieved success in the business field but also contributed positively to the international business community. He is a Strategic Partner of the Belgium-Luxembourg Trade Promotion Association in Vietnam, a member of the European Trade Promotion Association (EuroCham) in Vietnam, and a member of the Vietnam Circular Economy Association. He is also the Ambassador of BestB Capital and the We Share Love Fund, demonstrating the multi-dimensionality of activities from investment to charity.

With enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, Thai Dung Linh is the ideal companion to discuss Sustainable Agriculture, bringing positive solutions for the future.

Nguyen Van Cu, Deputy Director of the Disability Research and Capacity Development Center (DRD)

Mr. Nguyen Van Cu, stands at the forefront of the disability rights movement, bringing over 17 years of unwavering commitment to the field of community development. As the Deputy Director of the Disability Research and Capacity Development Center (DRD), he orchestrates a transformative agenda focused on empowering Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

Under his guidance, DRD has become a catalyst for positive change, actively engaging in initiatives that uplift and support PWDs in their journey towards a more fulfilling life.

At the heart of Mr. Cu’s vision is the implementation of comprehensive social services. From mentoring programs to counseling and the dissemination of vital information, he ensures that PWDs have access to the resources they need to overcome challenges and thrive. His strategic approach extends beyond immediate support, aiming to cultivate a sustainable and inclusive environment.

Nguyen Trung Hau, Founder of Ngoi Cafe

Nguyen Trung Hau, Co-founder of the Buy By Heart project with DRD, merges business with social impact, and has had 9 years of experience in sustainable coffee. Mr. Nguyen Trung Hau is the founder of Ngoi Cafe, celebrated for its premium coffee. His book, “Khoi Nghiep Tren Xe Lan,” reflects his entrepreneurial journey.

Based in Cu Chi, Hau started Ngoi Cafe to offer a fresh choice and authentic coffee experience to his community. Beyond business, he actively contributes to the community, donating 3,000 cups of coffee during the COVID-19 epidemic and organizing events like “Pursue Your Passion Without Losing Money.” As a philanthropist, he participated in an auction, directing all proceeds to support people with disabilities through DRD and WEC.

In every endeavor, Nguyen Trung Hau embodies the spirit of a socially responsible entrepreneur, leaving a positive imprint on both business and society.

Tran Thi Hang, Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI)

Ms. Tran Thi Hang is a key contributor to the Women’s Empowerment Club (WEC), a U.S. Government initiative aimed at developing professional skills and empowering mid-career Vietnamese female professionals. The club, funded by The U.S. Consulate General in HCMC since 2017, creates a safe environment for growth through project-based programs.

Professionally, Ms. Hang represents Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI), a U.S. corporation specializing in microbial technology for sustainable agriculture. Her efforts focus on promoting the distribution of poly-microbial agricultural soil enhancement products, contributing significantly to the advancement of Sustainable Agriculture in Vietnam.

In her dual roles, Helen is not only fostering inclusivity through community initiatives but also making strides in sustainable agriculture. Through her commitment, she is actively shaping a future that is both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

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