John Cockerill

Driven since 1817 by the entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for innovation of its founder, the John Cockerill Group develops large-scale technological solutions to meet the needs of its time: facilitating access to fossil free energies, enabling sustainable industrial production, preserving natural resources, contributing to greener mobility, enhancing security and installing critical infrastructures.

Its offer to companies, States and communities consists of services and associated equipment for the sectors of energy, defence, industry, the environment, transports, and infrastructures.

With over 6,000 employees, John Cockerill achieved a turnover of € 1,046 billion in 2022 in 24 countries, on 5 continents.

Worthy heirs to the expertise of their founder, the teams of John Cockerill Services assist industrialists and public infrastructure managers in the mounting, operational management, maintenance and modernization of their installations. Thanks to specialized interventions – scheduled or not – and local services to improve the technical, economic and environmental performance of their equipment.

Thanks to a very broad and technological offering, John Cockerill Services serves a large number of industries: chemicals, steelmaking, petro-chemicals, railways, ports, inland waterways, cement, mines and quarries, the production of conventional, renewable and nuclear energy…

John Cockerill Services also designs and supplies certain pieces of new industrial equipment, components and sub-assemblies (shunting locomotives, gearboxes, reducers, butterfly valves, diesel engines…) along with spare parts.

John Cockerill Services has the support of an interconnected network of local intervention units, along with specialized workshops and engineering offices. It has installations in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Brazil, New Caledonia and Africa. It operates on an ad hoc basis in the Middle East.

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