BeLuxCham 2024 Annual General Meeting Recap

BeluxCham Vietnam held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, March 28, 2024, at Baron Bier (80 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1), attended by esteemed guests including H.E. Mr. Karl VAN DEN BOSSCHE – Ambassador of Belgium in Vietnam, and Mr. Jean-Pierre Muller – Trade and Investment Counsellor for the Wallonia Region (AWEX). The meeting comprised a general assembly followed by a networking session.

Mr. Bart Verheyen, the Chairman of BeluxCham, and Kim Francois, Executive Director, delivered insights into the achievements of 2023 and outlined forthcoming events for 2024, along with presenting the financial report for 2023 and the budget proposal for 2024. Subsequently, new board members were elected under the supervision of Mrs. Evelyne Kestelyn, the Secretary-General.

The newly appointed board members for the upcoming term are as follows:

🌟 Chairman: Bart Verheyen

🌟 Vice-chair HCMC: Guy Balza

🌟 Vice-chair HN: Ludo Drijbooms

🌟 Eurocham delegate: Michel Bertsch

🌟 Secretary-General: Evelyne Kestelyn

🌟 Treasurer: Laurenz Mestdagh

🌟 Board Member: Kim Francois

🌟 Board Member: Dirk Boydens

🌟 Board Member: Koen Soenens

🌟 Board Member: Mimi Vu

🌟 Board Member: Tran Nhung

🌟 Board Member: Yukie Binh Dam

🌟 Board Member: Roger Chantillon

The AGM also served as an introduction of Victor Dulait, the newly appointed Executive Director of BeLuxCham. Victor brings extensive experience in trade and business development from both Europe and Asia, having previously served with and Enterprise Singapore. Concurrently, the departure of Kim as Executive Director was acknowledged, with gratitude extended for her contributions in making the 20th-anniversary celebration of BeLuxCham a resounding success. Kim will continue to serve as a Board Member of BeLuxCham.

Please see pictures of the event here:

Photographer team: B9 Media – Corporate & DiplomaticΒ 

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