Topic: Diversity and Inclusion

In this session, we will explore the significance of diversity and inclusion in organizations, the challenges they present, and the strategies to create a more inclusive workplace.

Diversity refers to the representation of different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within a group or organization. Inclusion, on the other hand, focuses on creating an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique insights and talents.

The benefits of diversity and inclusion are far-reaching. Research has consistently shown that diverse teams and organizations outperform their homogeneous counterparts. By bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives, organizations can foster innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. Moreover, diverse teams are better equipped to understand and serve diverse customer bases, leading to improved business outcomes.

However, achieving true diversity and inclusion is not without its challenges. Organizations must address biases, stereotypes, and systemic barriers that hinder the full participation and advancement of underrepresented groups. It requires a commitment to creating inclusive policies, practices, and cultures that embrace diversity at all levels.

During this panel discussion, we have gathered experts and thought leaders who will share their insights, experiences, and strategies for fostering diversity and inclusion in organizations. We will explore topics such as unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, recruitment and retention practices, and the role of diversity in driving innovation and business success.


01.00 – 01.20: Presentation by Coach Luong Ngoc Tien, Board Member of HAWEE

01.20 – 01.40: Presentation by WIB SC EuroCham Chairwoman- Sarah Galeski

01.40 – 02.10: Presentation: “Child Rights and Business: Opportunity for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion” By Anjanette Saguisag, Chief of Social Policy and Governance, UNICEF VietNam.

02.10 – 02.30 Presentation: Merck Vietnam – A High-Impact Culture that fosters Diversity, Equality and Inclusion” By Van Nguyen Thi My, Merck, Country HR Lead

02.30 – 02.45: Coffee Break

02.45 – 03.30: Discussion Panel

Break-out room info

  • Location: Black Room, 1st floor, Pullman Saigon Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Time: 13.00 – 15.30
  • Date: 1 December 2023


Kim Francois, Executive Director and Board Member of BeLuxCham Vietnam

Kim Francois, Executive Director and Board Member of BeLuxCham Vietnam, moved to Vietnam in 2022 after almost 13 years in China. With over 10 years as Managing Director of Materialise, a global leader in 3D imaging and printing, Kim has been at the forefront of implementing 3D printing for sustainable manufacturing across industries. Before BeLuxCham, she served as Global Business Development Director at HeyGears, a leading Chinese company using Industry 4.0 technologies to transform healthcare sustainably.

Kim, now part of the Women in Business (WIB) board since July 2023, and a EuroCham board member since August 2023, leverages her extensive experience and sustainability focus to drive growth for the Belgium and Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.


Luong Ngoc Tien

With a decade of international experience spanning Vietnam, China, and the Netherlands, Ms. Tien is the visionary founder of One Life Connection, a boutique company specializing in Mindfulness-based training and coaching in Vietnam since 2012.

As the first Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher in Vietnam, Ms. Tien brings nearly 20 years of business and people development experience to her transformative work. A standing board member of HAWEE, she actively contributes to leadership forums and prestigious events, emphasizing Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Happiness, and Wellbeing in the workplace.

Holding an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, she is recognized for her extraordinary professionalism and holistic approach to transformation. Ms. Tien, with her brilliant mind and intuitive leadership, continues to shape the landscape of mindfulness and leadership development, leaving a lasting impact on those she encounters.

Anjanette Ani Saguisag

Ani’s commitment to child rights spans over two decades, starting as a public interest lawyer for women and children. With extensive experience in social policy, legal reforms, and public investments, she collaborated with various stakeholders in the Philippines.

Joining the United Nations in 2006, Ani focused on child protection from neglect, abuse, and violence. In 2017, she assumed a leadership role in social policy programming. In September 2022, Ani joined UNICEF VietNam as Chief of Social Policy and Governance, leading a dedicated team in supporting the Government of Vietnam to reduce child poverty and integrate child rights into social policies.

An advocate for Child Rights and Business Principles, Ani holds degrees in Industrial Psychology and Law. Married to an environmental lawyer and a mother of five, she views child rights as a personal commitment and eagerly collaborates for a child-friendly Vietnam.

Sarah Galeski

Sarah Galeski, Counsel at Tilleke & Gibbins in Ho Chi Minh City, specializes in labor and employment law, compliance, and dispute resolution. With over 15 years in legal services, she’s been based in Vietnam since 2013, representing multinational companies in various industries.

Recognized by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific, Sarah advises on employment contracts, labor regulations, and global transactions. Beyond her legal role, she actively contributes to business communities, serving on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and as Co-Chair of EuroCham’s Women in Business Sector Committee.

Sarah’s expertise extends to consultations with the International Labor Organization and the European Parliament. Prior to Vietnam, she litigated diverse cases in Canada, showcasing her broad legal experience.

Nguyen Thi My Van

Van has been at the helm as Country HR Head at Merck Vietnam since June 2010, driving HR strategies for a 100-million-Euro business in Healthcare and Life Science with 220 employees. She has led successful initiatives in talent development, retention, and diversity and inclusion, earning Merck’s APAC People and Culture Award.

Her dynamic HR journey includes roles at LogiGear Vietnam and Norfolk Hotel. Van is a leader in Merck WIL-ASIA and holds a SHRM-SCP Credential, showcasing her commitment to HR excellence. She recently completed a Master’s program in Leadership in Service Innovation from the University of Queensland.

Van’s impact is defined by her creative and inspiring HR solutions, business acumen, and inclusive mindset. A Bachelor’s in English Linguistics and Literature from The University of Social Sciences and Humanities laid the foundation for her journey. Van’s dedication to continuous growth is evident in her ongoing pursuit of HR excellence.

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