Topic: Leadership Development

In this session, participants will explore the importance of developing effective leaders and the impact they have on driving organizational growth, innovation, and employee engagement.

Leadership development plays a crucial role in preparing individuals to navigate the complexities of today’s rapidly changing business landscape. It involves equipping leaders with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to inspire and guide their teams toward achieving organizational goals.

Effective leadership is not limited to a single individual or a select few; it is a collective effort that permeates throughout an organization. By investing in leadership development, organizations can cultivate a culture of leadership at all levels, empowering individuals to take ownership, make informed decisions, and drive positive change.

The significance of leadership development lies in its ability to foster innovation and adaptability. In an era of constant disruption, organizations need leaders who can think critically, embrace ambiguity, and lead their teams through change. By nurturing leadership capabilities, organizations can create a culture that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and continuous learning, enabling them to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Furthermore, leadership development is instrumental in enhancing employee engagement and retention. Effective leaders inspire and motivate their teams, creating an environment where individuals feel valued, empowered, and supported. When employees are led by competent and compassionate leaders, they are more likely to be engaged, productive, and committed to the organization’s mission and vision.


01.00 – 01.20: Presentation by Bruno Jaspaert, CEO of DEEP C Industrial Zones

01.20 – 01.40: Presentation by Dominik Meichle, Managing Director of Bosch Vietnam

01.40 – 02.10: Presentation: “Leadership in VUCA world” By Madam Kim Anh Le, Vice President VNHR

02.10 – 02.40: Coffee Break

02.40 – 03.30: Discussion Panel

  • Location: Blue Room, 1st floor, Pullman Saigon Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Time: 13.00 – 15.30
  • Date: 1 December 2023


Koen Van de Perre, APAC Business Development Director, Televic

Bruno Jaspaert, CEO of DEEP C Industrial Zones

Since 2018, Bruno Jaspaert has held the positions of CEO, chairman, and legal representative at DEEP C Industrial Zones, a major industrial zone developer in Vietnam with 26 years of history. Active in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh province, DEEP C manages a land portfolio of 3400 ha around the new deep-sea port of Lach Huyen. Additionally, Bruno serves as the CEO of IAI (Infra Asia Investment), a Hong Kong-based investment holding owned by Ackermans & Van Haren, a Belgian BEL20-listed company.

With over 25 years of experience in sales, business development, production, innovation, and strategy management across Asia and Europe, Bruno has an extensive background in the chemical, logistics, steel, and oil & gas industries. Holding master’s degrees in International Relations and Diplomacy, as well as Commercial Engineering from EHSAL Management University, Bruno is committed to creating sustainable economic growth. His current focus involves transforming DEEP C Industrial Zones into an autonomous eco-industrial park, emphasizing sustainable utilities, water treatment, inland waterway connections, and waste recycling.

Dominik Meichle, Managing Director of Bosch Vietnam

Meichle, the youngest managing director of Bosch Group since its establishment in 2007, has over 11 years of experience with the company, holding various leadership roles. In his recent role, he spent seven years in Japan, where he served as part of the executive management for Bosch’s Two-Wheeler & Powersports division with global responsibility for marketing, business strategy, and product management.

During his nine-year tenure in Vietnam, Mallikarjuna achieved significant development for Bosch, making it the largest German investor in the country. Bosch, which entered Vietnam in 1994, operates in HCMC, Hanoi, Danang, and Dong Nai, with two research and development centers and a powertrain solutions plant. The Dong Nai plant is the largest continuously variable transmission (CVT) pushbelt production plant of Bosch Group globally.

Madam Kim Anh Le, Vice President VNHR

Kim-Anh Le holds a Master of HR Management from USA and BS (Pharmacist) from the Medical & Pharmaceutical University of Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, she possessed various certificates related to different aspects such as:

  • OD Certified Practitioner (by Institute of OD, USA),
  • Master Performance Consultant (organized by the Association of Talent Development, USA),
  • Certified NLP Practitioner (by ABNLP, ICI and International Association of NLP Institute),
  • Accredited Insight Discovery,
  • The Art & Science in using DISC,
  • Selling Objectives (Mercuri International – Singapore),
  • Segmentation & Targeting – Key Account Management (Aventis),
  • Modern Safety Management (from DNV – a Norwegian safety auditor).

Kim-Anh has a total of more than 30 year’s working experience, in which over 25 years in senior management, and exposed in human resources (17 years), production (6 years), and sales (5 years).
She has experience in both strategic & implementation of Human Resources Management, especially in following areas:

  • Organization Restructures (to enhance productivity, sales performance, merger & acquisition, delayering excercises, change sales strategies): Aventis Pharma, Avon Cosmetic, Akzo Nobel, Philips, Lewis, Nippon Sanso;
  • Developing & refining Performance Management System (Medigroup, PEB, SBOEVN), Competency Framework: PNJ, LHC, SV Tech;
  • Living up Company Culture: Aventis Pharma, Heineken, GSK, LHC;
  • Refining Remuneration Structures (establishing salary range, designing bonus & sales incentive scheme, benefit policies): Aventis Pharma, SBOEVN, Medigroup;
  • Implementing Talent Management and Career Development Plan (for sales reps and for high-potential employees): PNJ, Gen Z Leader Program of VNHR
  • Delivering talks & training to help managers and employees at multi-national companies cope with the constant challenges (COVID19, VUCA world): Ikea, GE, Brooks, Bayer, BASF,

As she is passionate about developing human potential and capabilities, she also directly helps develop the ability of orphans and homeless people, disabled people through NGOs (EFD, DRD). In addition, she is invited to share at HR conferences in Vietnam and in the region (HR Singapore, Regional meeting of Samsung, AIA, JLT; VNHR HR Summits).

Patricia Marques, CEO, Viet Idea Food & Beverages Company Limited

Patricia Marques is the CEO for Viet Idea Food & Beverages Company Limited. In this role, Patricia leads the organization in all aspects as well as maintains direct communication with Starbucks Coffee Company, Maxims LLT as well as other stake holders.  In her role Patricia started Starbucks Coffee Vietnam from zero to 100 (literally 100 stores and counting), set up the organization, the processes and put together a team of executives that shared her passion and commitment.  Today she employs more than 1,200 Vietnamese partners and growing. 

Patricia is known for her varied global experience and visionary work in the areas of international growth and cultural adaptation. It is her mission to ensure the successful and sustainable growth of the Starbucks brand in Vietnam, while maintaining deep respect for Vietnam’s traditional coffee culture.

Prior to joining Viet Idea Food & Beverages Company Limited, Patricia was responsible for orchestrating worldwide operational start-ups, future business planning as well as revenue strategy development for international companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Starbucks Coffee Company, Panera Bread and in Vietnam, Highlands Coffee.

With a passion for Operations and an impressive track record of strong leadership, Patricia is credited with launching more than 25 International stores in markets as diverse as the United States, Mexico City, Dubai, Riyadh, Zurich, London, Madrid, Bonn, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea, and Vietnam.

Patricia has been in Vietnam for the past 14 years, she considers Ho Chi Minh City to be her home; loves to travel in the region and in the country, enjoys beach time; has fun playing racket sports, riding motorcycles, passionate about zero waste and all things sustainable and green!

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